Vampire Hunter.

839832_3be3e349528c48bdbc6e0a139271ea02We chat with actor Patrick O’Brien about Night Kaleidoscope and going beyond the realms of reality for his character Fion.

How did you get into acting? 

I didn’t take the traditional route of drama school or anything like that. It’s not something I ever thought I could do until an ex-girlfriend got me to help her learn lines for an audition. I really enjoyed it and that sparked the notion that maybe I could become an actor. I enrolled in a part time course and it kinda spiralled from there.


How did you get involved in Night Kaleidoscope?

Grant drugged me and then appeared to me in a vision telling me I should do this film… Pah! No… Grant and myself are friends. We collaborated on Sarah’s Room a couple of years ago and since then have worked together a number of times on a few different projects.


What was the most challenging part of your character?

I did find myself sometimes thinking “what the hell am I talking about”, as the film goes beyond the realms of reality. Most other parts I have played, have dealt with real life, real issues which is easier to imagine. However this film deals with the occult, potions and vampires so I had to get into my Peter Cushing frame of mind.  But it was fun to play and getting covered in fake blood and eaten by vampires was pretty cool… Oh dear…did I just spoil the film? I guess you will have to watch it now.
What was your favourite part of filming Night Kaleidoscope?

I think the shower scene was certainly the most memorable. You have to expect pretty much anything when working with Grant but I think he rose to new heights on this one. I had to get covered in blood while being half naked in a shower of a hotel bathroom in Cumbernauld while my two co-stars pretended to eat me. Oh… and the walls where covered in baking foil so it was like some mad acid trip, certainly one of the more bizarre experiences in life.


What’s your favourite horror movie?

I’m not really a fan of modern horror films. I love all the old hammer horror films with Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Vincent Price. My dad used to make me watch them with him when I was a kid… I think he was too scared to watch them alone.

Head over to Patrick’s website to keep up to date with all his work and future projects. 

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