The Hunted.


ZG3I0238 - Version 4We chat with actress Kitty Colquhoun about Night Kaleidoscope and why being bad is so good.

How did you get into acting?
It was a bit of a roundabout way, I didn’t study acting so I started a few years ago doing unpaid, short films and then worked my way onto voiceovers and feature films.

How did you get involved in Night Kaleidoscope?
I worked with Grant on two other films which were great so when he got in touch about this one I thought this horror film would be fun.

What was the most fun part of your character?

 I play Carrie, the baddie. She and her boyfriend/pet Lewis go around killing and eating people, all the while being hunted by Fion. I’ve never played a dark character before so being evil for the first time was brilliant, much better than playing a good character. You get to let it all out! I also thought the weird, physical, dominant relationship Carrie has with Lewis worked really well within the context of the film and it was cool working with Jason to get that across.

What was your favourite part of filming Night Kaleidoscope?

Being evil and pretending to kill people was pretty fun! And working again with the cast and crew, they’re a lovely bunch.

What’s your favourite horror movie?
The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock

You can catch up with Kitty’s other projects on her website