Interview with the Vampire.

JH 3Actor Jason Harvey takes a few minutes to chat to us about what inspired him to take up acting and playing a killer with vampiric tendencies.

How did you get into acting?

I got into acting seriously at the age of 24. I had basically been fed up for years working on the tools as a joiner, which I’d done since leaving school at 16 to start my apprenticeship.

Having enjoyed acting throughout school I knew there was something there that I had to explore.

I joined an Amateur Dramatic group in Cumbernauld where I was involved in a few plays and completely caught the Acting Bug.

I continued on from there to study acting at Coatbridge college and The West of Scotland University .

How did you get involved in Night Kaleidoscope?

I got involved in Night Kaleidoscope through previously working with director Grant Mcphee on another film called “Blood and Water”

What was the most challenging part of your character?

I play the part of Lewis in the film who is one of the vampires/ twisted Killers.

The most challenging part of the character was that I had never played a Vampire before and wanted to play him different from what I’d seen previously in other films.

The script and storyline gave me that chance and I hope I did “Lewis” justice as an amazing character to play.

What was your favourite part of filming Night Kaleidoscope?

 Without giving too much away there is a scene where I’m tied up in a bath.

This scene was very physical, which is right up my street and thoroughly enjoyable.

 What’s your favourite horror movie?

My favourite horror film has to be the original Exorcist.

It really scared the crap out of me and still does to be honest.

The fact my older brother and sisters let me see it without my parents knowing at the age of 10 years old probably didn’t help! Ha ha.


Jason has recently finished filming “SLAP” with director and writer Simone Smith and is due to play Qaurtermaster Sergeant Proctor in the feature film, “The Great Getaway”. To check out Jason’s work, head over to his spotlight page here –Spotlight