Interview with Krister Bladh.

NK_A4_poster We chat with the designer behind Night Kaleidoscope’s poster, Krister Bladh.

How did you get involved in Night Kaleidoscope?

I have done some work with the director Grant McPhee previously, eg. on the Sound of Young Scotland docs. I love cinema so I couldn’t say no really.

What inspiration did you have when designing the poster? 

At the time I was deeply impressed with the Inherent Vice (starring Joaquin Phoenix) titles, which matched typographies inspired by 70s neon signage as well as contrasting colours.

What era do you think produced some of the best horror movie posters?

I think horror movie poster have always had an element of kitsch, originating in the B movie spectrum. That can be fun but the design is usually amateurish. I appreciate design that reaches beyond genres to reach a timeless quality, like Hitchcock posters and Saul Bass’ poster for The Shining.

What is your favourite Horror movie?

I like the understated nature of Japanese horror, which makes the violence in a film like Audition all the more palpable. I also love the original version of Pulse and Suicide Club.

You can check out Krister’s other work here

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